Friday, November 23, 2018

Brighten Up Your Home the Natural Way

A home is like a living organism and is the pivot around which family life revolves. It’s easy to take the home for granted and not notice when it starts to look old and worn. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential, but they cannot prevent the feeling of staleness that creeps into the aura of a home as the years pass. The staleness may not be noticed, but it will have a negative impact on the comfort and happiness of those who live in the home. It is when the need for rejuvenating the home becomes obvious that people start to think about remodeling. Remodeling is a costly, time consuming and disruptive exercise. If you think your home requires a new look, changing the lighting may be all you need to do to give it a fresh new look and feel. Doing this can be quick, hassle free, environment friendly and very economical if you maximize the use of natural light. 

  • Mirrors do not absorb light, they reflect it. By doing so they really change the lighting in a room. Placing a large mirror opposite a window that lets in light will have a measurable impact on the brightness of a room. Mirrors and frames are available in all sizes and designs so finding some that match your d├ęcor will not be a problem.
  • Dark colors tend to absorb light. If a room has dark colored walls, repaint them in light or pastel shades. This will not only make the room brighter, but it will also open it up and give it the feel of being more spacious.
  • Check to see if your window treatments are partially restricting the amount of sunlight that gets in.  Some treatments can block light, even when open or may not be designed to open completely. In either case, the room is not getting all the natural light it should. Something as simple as changing the blinds, shades or curtains can make a huge difference to the look of a room.
  • Heavy dark fabric can make a room look heavy and dark. Changing the upholstery of the furniture to lighter and less heavy colors and fabrics will make a significant difference to the brightness.
  • Check to see if there are any obstacles like tree and hedges blocking the entry of sunlight and if there are, trim them.
·     Install daylighting systems to maximize the amount of natural light in the house and to bring it to places where artificial lighting is used even during the day. Once installed you can look forwards years of free natural light diffused through elegant fittings.

Consult a Daylighting Expert

To truly appreciate the difference that daylighting systems can make to your home, consult an expert in the field. The right way to do this is to contact the local dealer of a reputed manufacturer and ask for a free home daylighting assessment. This will give you all the information you need to know to make an informed decision about brightening up and changing the look of your home using natural light.