Monday, September 24, 2018

Whole House Fans Are Useful In Winter

Summer is when you are most concerned about ventilating your home to bring down indoor temperatures, allow fresh air to enter and reduce air conditioning costs. That is why it is the season when the largest number of whole house fans are purchased. What many homeowners do not realize is that the whole house fan is as important in winter as it is in summer. Winter is when temperature variations increase – warmer in the day and colder at night. This leads to the accumulation of moisture indoors through condensation. This moisture can cause leaks to develop, damage insulation, cause wood to rot and enable the growth of mold and fungus which can be serious health hazards. The whole house fan is very effective in reducing the moisture that collects inside a home in colder weather and by doing so makes the house a safer and healthier place to live in.

What Happens Indoors In Winter

In the summer the hot air in the house rises and collects in the highest part, the attic. From here heat radiates through the structure, make the whole home hot. In winter, the opposite happens. Domestic activities like washing, bathing, doing laundry, cooking and so on cause increased levels of water vapor in the air. The heating that is used in winter causes the warm air to rise up to the attic. Here it cools down and the moisture it contains is lost by way of condensation. This causes dampness to form on surfaces like roof sheathing, rafters, trusses and so on. It also collects on all the miscellaneous items stored in the attic. The moisture may appear to be negligible in quantity, but over time it can seep into wood and enter joints and cracks in the cement and other structural components. As already mentioned, this can cause insulation damage, wood rot, electrical short circuits, mold and fungus and other problems. Beyond this, the moisture can form actual water drops and fall on the attic floor. From here it can seep down to the ceilings of the rooms below and cause water spots, paint damage, crumbly ceilings and even more mold and fungus formation. The effect of this humidity on the health of the occupants of the house can be serious. The cost of repairing the water damage can also be very high.

The Fan Solution

Running a whole house fan in winter may seem ridiculous. But it does make sense. Using the fan for short periods will not have a significant impact on any heating that may be being used. However, it will cause the moisture to be blown out of the house, making it much healthier and safer. The days of summer are slowly fading away but that does not mean that it is not the right time to invest in a whole house fan. Contact the dealer of a reputed whole house fan manufacturer and ask him to enumerate the benefits and savings that can accrue from using a whole house fan in winter.

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