Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Buy a Daylighting System

With the growing realization of the advantages of installing daylighting systems at home, the number of manufacturers and dealers of this equipment has mushroomed. As in any area where increasing demand results in greater competition, the quality of products available can vary significantly. Knowing how to buy the best daylighting system means you can look forward to many years of trouble free great lighting at the best prices. Here is what to look for when you make your purchase.

 Light Quality

Technology plays a key role in the amount and quality of light that is available. The efficiency of the roof mounted light collectors is what determines how much light is available. The type of reflective material used on the tubes that carry the light indoors is what affects the amount of light that is lost in transportation. The best technology means that the best lighting is available in the home.


Most daylighting systems are relatively simple to install. But issues like water leakage or heating loss can cause all kinds of problems. Buy only products that offer leak proof sealing to ensure water and air tight installation.

Will It Last?

Cheap daylighting systems may appear to be an attractive option, but how long will they last? Besides lower light availability, you could be looking at expensive repairs down the road. Always go with a reputed brand that is known for quality products. It will save you money in the future.

How Adaptable Is It?

A major advantage of daylighting systems is that they can be installed to provide light almost anywhere, even in the most interior part of a home. However, the distance and the type and number of bends in the piping that carries the light can cause serious losses. Use only a system that offers tubing that can take sharp bends and carry light for long distances without loss.


A multi-functions daylighting system makes life easier. Features such as an optional LED lighting system that is integrated into the device to provide light at night reduces the need for having extra light fittings installed for use at night. Dimmers mean that the amount of light that is available can be controlled so that the lighting can match the way the room is being used at any particular time of the day. And ventilation kits can help to keep the air in the room fresh at all times.


You want your home to look its best. Installing a daylighting system where the light fitting sticks out like a sore thumb leaves a scar on the appearance of the house. Look for daylighting systems where the range of fittings is large so that you can install those that go with the look of your home and enhances its beauty.

The Simple Solution

Dealing with all these issues and finding the right solutions can be tough, if not impossible, for the average homeowner. The simplest way to be sure that you are installing the best daylighting system possible for your home is to buy only from a reputed brand. In fact, buying from the brand leader in daylighting systems that is known for setting standards that others try to emulate will ensure that you get the best system that will give you the best light, trouble free performance and great looks.