Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Daylighting FAQs

The growing awareness of the health, economic and environmental benefits of using daylighting systems to light a home has resulted in a vast amount of material being available on the subject. This volume of information, much of it partially or completely inaccurate, can cause confusion in the mind of the homeowner who wants to install daylighting systems in his home. Numerous questions arise and finding the answers to allow for a knowledgeable decision to be made is difficult. Here are some of the most common of these questions and  accurate answers you can rely on.

  • How bright is the light? Daylight systems can provide as much or even more indoor light than a skylight or large window.
  • How costly is it when compared to a window? When both the product and installation costs are taken into account, a daylighting system is typically less expensive than installing a window or skylight.
  •  How difficult is the installation? The best daylighting systems are designed for retrofitting into existing homes. Because of this installation does not require any structural modifications, dry walling or repainting. Professional installation can usually be done in 2 hours and a DIY project can be completed in a day. 
  •  Where in the home can it be used? A daylighting system collects sunlight from the roof of a house and uses special highly reflective tubes to carry it through walls and ceilings to even the most interior parts of the building. This includes rooms with no roof access and places like closets where natural lighting was previously not an option.
  •  Is it really green? The use of daylighting systems means that the use of electric lighting during the day can be either eliminated or significantly reduced. This automatically reduces the home’s carbon footprint and makes it more environmentally friendly.
  •  What are the running costs? A daylighting system uses no electricity. So once installed, the running cost is zero.
  •  Are there really health benefits? The link between exposure to adequate sunlight and good health has been extensively documented and any doctor will vouch for it. The benefits are not purely physical, they are psychological as well since sunlight is known to help in uplifting the mood.
  •   How will a daylighting system fit into my home’s decor? The best manufacturers offer a wide range of elegant fittings that will match almost any home decor.

Quality Counts

The increasing demand for daylighting systems means that new manufacturers continue to appear regularly. Many of them make claims that cannot be substantiated or offer prices that appear to be too good to be true – they are. Your home is your most valuable asset and not something you want to take risks with. That is why while installing daylighting systems, it is always advisable to go with a leading manufacturer with a global customer base and a reputation for quality and being cost effective. This will ensure that the daylight you have in your home will give you many years of trouble free brilliant light. Contact the dealer for your area of a reputed manufacturer to learn more.