Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Save Money this Summer with Solar Powered Attic Fans

Summer is on its way and that is something to be happily anticipated. However, along with all the good things that the season has to offer, there are a few downsides. Among them is the heat which can make even being indoors uncomfortable. That, in turn, leads to increased use of air conditioning and this translates into larger electricity bills. Solar powered attic fans offer a reliable and economic way to keep your home cool and so reduce your air conditioning load and the resultant bills.

Why Attic Fans?

  • Attics are notorious heat traps and the heat that collects here affects the rest of the home. According to some studies, even a moderate ambient temperature of 80 degrees can push the temperature in an attic above 140 degrees. Passive attic vents can help to some extent, but not enough to make a significant impact on your heat load and utility bills.
  • Positive airflow has a much larger impact on attic heat buildup. This can be achieved by installing an attic fan. With the increased heat dissipation attic temperatures can be brought down to around 10 to 20 degrees warmer that the external temperature. For example, if when the outside temperature is in the 80s and the attic temperature is kept to between 90 and 100 degrees, there will be a 10 degree reduction in the temperature in the lower levels of the house. This means a significant reduction in the air conditioning load and the operating costs.
  • An additional benefit of these fans is that in damp weather the positive air flow will reduce moisture buildup in the attic. This moisture buildup can lead to toxic mold and fungus formation as well as weaken the internal structure. Moisture can also damage insulation and framing materials in the attic.
  • To maximize the benefits a solar powered attic fan is the right choice. It consumes no electricity so, once installed, the temperature reduction is achieved at no cost. Solar powered attic fans that are controlled by a thermal switch will run only when the attic temperature falls within a predetermined range that are available. This option will reduce the motor wear and extend the life of the fan unit.
  • An additional benefit of solar powered attic fans is that installing one entitles you to a 30% federal tax credit.
Be Sure Of What You Buy

The use of solar power in the home is becoming increasingly common. From electricity generation to heating, lighting and ventilation, new manufacturers continue to appear in the market to meet the growing demand. Installing an attic fan is not something you do every year. You need to be sure that the fan you use is the best available and that it will give you years of trouble free service. That is why the fan should be from a manufacturer with an impeccable reputation, a proven track record of quality and a history of continuous innovation to ensure that what you buy is the best there is.