Thursday, March 23, 2017

TDDs vs Skylights

The availability of natural sunlight emanating from the ceiling of a room can change its whole feel and ambience to make it a brighter and more attractive place to spend time in. Traditionally, the way to get this has been to install skylights. The problem with traditional solutions is that it is easy to presume that they are the only options available and so miss out on better alternatives. In the matter of bringing sunlight indoors, there is now a superior alternative to skylights and the surprisingly low costs, easy installation, flexibility and attractive appearance makes daylighting systems the preferred choice for wise homeowners. The rapidly increasing popularity of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) means that there are a large number of manufacturers offering their products on the market, often with large price variations. Going for the cheapest option will often land you trouble with inadequate light availability and frequent repairs and replacements. Buying the best TDDs will ensure that you have the best light and trouble free performance for many years.

The Daylighting System Advantages
  • When compared to skylights, TDDs provide more uniform light throughout a room. Additionally, the light available is more consistent and the seasonal changes in light and shifting patterns of lighting are minimized.
  • Not only will the smart dome and attractive fittings provide superior lighting performance as compared to skylights, the best systems offer Effect Lenses to easily modify the strength and color of the light to suit user needs.
  • With TDDs, there is no energy loss. The heat transfer from skylights can have a major impact on your heating and air conditioning costs. With utility rates on the increase, this will mean increased bills over the years. TDDs will not add to your heating and cooling bills.
  • Since no painting or reframing is required, TDDs can be installed at a lower cost as compared to skylights. In addition, installation is usually very quick and clean. In most cases the installation can be completed in 2 hours, a fraction of the time that putting in a skylight takes.
  • TDDs can carry daylight through walls and ceilings. This means that daylight can be available even in rooms where installing a skylight is not possible.
  • The best TDDs are completely leak proof and impact resistant with self-cleaning domes. This means that you can look forward to years of trouble-free maintenance.
  • The wide range of fittings that the best brand offers means that TDDs can be installed to match any d├ęcor. Additionally, options such built-in LEDs that automatically come on to compensate for failing daylight levels as the sun goes down means that the same fitting can provide the light you need day or night.
Ensure You Make the Right Choice

Your home is your biggest asset and you cannot afford to take chances with it. Contact a daylighting systems expert to discuss your lighting needs and how TDD can help you. A daylighting assessment and information about the federal tax credit available will show you why TDDs are a far better alternative to traditional skylights.