Monday, January 23, 2017

Prevent Eye Strain with Proper Lighting

Vision is perhaps the most important of all the senses mankind possesses. It is also one of the most overused and is often taken for granted. A key factor in looking after your eyes is ensuring that the lighting is right for whatever activity you are doing. The eyes are flexible and are able to adjust to make the best use of the light that is available. But while you may be able to see and work in dim or overly bright conditions, your eyes are being subjected to needless strain.

Bad Lighting in the Workplace 

The office is often a place of stress and pressure. A well-lit office helps in reducing the mental stress and physical strain. You can make your workplace a happier one that places less strain on the eyes by doing the following:
  • Reduce the amount of LED and fluorescent bulbs in the work area. Theses can contribute to the eye strain by the glare they create. Instead, maximize the use of natural daylight. Not only will this protect the eyes, it will boost your mood and also offer a number of other health benefits.
  • Adjust your desk and chair so that you are not directly facing a window or one is not behind you. These will cause glare and/ or reflections on your computer monitor which will make working harder and strain the eyes.
  • Reduce the brightness of the monitor.
  • Take a small break every hour to give your eyes rest.

Bad Lighting At Home

Lighting plays a major role in the way a home looks. While using it to create the right mood and aura is fine, do not allow these considerations to reduce the amount of light that is required for a room. For example, the kitchen and study are places where concentration and focus are required and inadequate lighting will strain the eyes. Finding items is a dark gloomy closet is not easy. Like the office, try to maximize the use of natural light. Not only is this the best for your eyes, it is much cheaper than having electric lights on during the day.

Maximize the Use of Daylight

If the design of your home or office is such that there is not enough daylight available, you can correct the situation. Putting in more windows, if at all possible, is a messy and expensive job. A far better alternative is to install a daylighting system. This high technology device captures daylight from the exterior of a building and uses special tubes to carry it through walls and ceiling to the indoor areas where the light is needed. Installation is inexpensive and quick and once the system is running, you will have the benefit of free natural daylight indoors for years to come. To ensure that you get the best system for your home or office, buy a daylighting system from only a reputed manufacturer with a dealer who will do the installation for you.