Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lighting Affects Your Moods

Everyone has a favorite room at home. It could be any place, even the bathroom. What makes it special and why you feel better there than in other parts of the house is something you can’t explain. There are many possible factors that affect your mood, including the décor, layout, temperature and lighting. Changing these could make a room you are not comfortable in a happier place to be. But changing the décor, layout and temperature are big projects that require time and money. Before trying those actions, why not start with the simplest solution and one which typically offers the best chance of success.

The Effects of Light

The proper lighting of a room is not based purely on how bright or dark it is. There are many subtleties and any or all of these factors can affect how a person feels about it.
  • Poor lighting does not just make a room dull and gloomy. It can cause eye strain and headaches which in turn can make people feel sick or depressed.
  • Inadequate natural light during the day can make a room feel closed off and isolated. This can cause depression among the people who are in the room for extended periods of time.
  • Bright lighting is a stimulant which makes the mind more active. It is good when work has to be done but not so nice when a person wants to relax and unwind.
  • Contrast (a room with both bright lighting and dark shadowy spots) can lead to eye strain. The extremes of bright and dark can also lead to a feeling of uncertainty and an inability to concentrate.
  • Overly bright lighting can make a room seem overly bright and soulless. The brightness can hurt the eyes and the atmosphere can cause nervousness and a feeling of being on edge.
  • Natural light coming from windows or daylighting systems has a calming effect on the mind and the emotions. This happens while the light also elevates the mood and causes a more positive attitude to issues at hand.
The light requirements for each room are different. The ideal lighting for a bedroom is different from that of a kitchen, study or living room. Ensuring the lighting is right will make a room more comfortable and a happier place to be in.

Daylight is the Best

Humans are diurnal creatures. Although we can function at all times, we are at our best during the daylight hours. Daylight literally nurtures and nourishes us, keeps us mentally alert and lifts our emotional state. Ensuring that there is good exposure to daylight is essential for all round well being. Often windows and skylights cannot provide enough light in an indoor space. Instead of using artificial lighting, why not use tubular daylighting devices (TDDs)? These collect external daylight, carry it through walls and ceiling via special conduits and then diffuse it effectively where it is required.  It consumes no electricity, lasts for many years and is completely green. Contact a daylighting systems specialist to learn more about how TDDs can light up your home.