Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do you need a Tubular Daylighting Device?

The answer to this question is not difficult to find. To put it in the simplest terms you do need one or more Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) in your home if:

  • You want exceptional lighting. You will get natural and bright light output. It will give you as much light as skylight and many times larger.
  • You want cost effective lighting.  A TDD is much less expensive than other options for using natural light such as installing windows or skylights.  This is true of both the product as well as the installation cost.
  • You want easy installation. A TDD requires no tunneling, structural reframing, painting or drywall demolition or construction. A professional will normally be able to install the device in under 2 hours while creating little or no mess to be cleaned up.
  • You want a DIY project. Most homeowners with reasonable skills should be able to install a TDD in one day.
  • You need light where windows are not possible. A TDD can provide light to almost any room in a home, even those with no roof access and where external light will normally not enter, or be inadequate. Examples are places like closets or basements. The system easily carries natural light through walls and ceilings.
  • You want to make your home “Green.” TDDs allow you to switch off electric lights during the day which reduces the amount of power the home consumes and so the carbon footprint it creates.
  • You want to reduce your utility bills. Once a TDD is installed, there are no running costs. It provides free light all day. The impact this can have on your electricity bills is significant. Since power costs will only rise in the future, the savings that a daylighting system offers will continue to increase over time.
  • You want your home to be a healthy place. Several studies by respected institutions have shown that exposure to daylight offers a number of health benefits and boosts both energy and concentration levels.
Finding the Right Brand

If your response to these issues is “yes” there is no reason to delay making a purchase decision and acting on it. All you need to know is which brand to buy and where to get it from. Look for a brand that is known to be the leader in its field and has a reputation for continuous product innovation and development. This will ensure that the system you invest in uses the latest technology to give you the best possible service. Also look for a manufacturer that is known for producing quality products to avoid any hassles down the line. Finally, there should be a wide range of fittings and options available so the system fits seamlessly into your home.

As for where to get it from, the best thing to do it to go to the company’s dealer. If a prime dealer is available in your area, that is even better. The dealer will be able to do an assessment to identify your daylight needs, give you a quote and, if required, do the installation. There will also be a showroom where you can go to physically to see and examine the fittings etc. that are available to you.