Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great ways to make your workplace eco friendly

As the world gets more aware of climate change and global warming, people have started realizing that individuals can make a difference. These days, people don’t sit back with a lackadaisical attitude and wait for someone else to do the right thing. They take it upon themselves to lead rather than to follow. Taking it a step further, employers have extended their eco friendly choices to the workplace and try to influence their employees to become environmentally aware. Here are some tips to make your office green.

Start by setting an example

Inspire by leading. If you start being environmentally friendly yourself at your workplace, it would inspire others to do the same. Small things like turning off unnecessary lights, bringing your lunch in a paper bag, bringing down the use of paper are all things that you can do in a normal working day. Soon, people will notice.

Have a reduce, reuse and recycle drive

Ask your employees to make a list of all the unnecessary things that are in the office which are not environmentally friendly, and ask them to come up with greener choices. Pick one day of the month to bring together everything that can be reused and recycle them. You can even ask them to bring reusable or recyclable items from their homes on the day of the drive and get them motivated to follow this up regularly at home too.

Introduce green products into the workplace

There are many green products available for the workplace from recycled paper to recycled furniture and non toxic paints.

Install daylighting systems in the office

Daylighting systems are the ideal way to make your workplace brighter and healthier. Research shows that productivity in employees increase when working under natural light. Daylighting systems are easy to install and bring natural, healthy light indoors.

Reward the most eco friendly employee every month

This is a great incentive to get your employees to embrace environmental awareness. If they get rewarded for being eco friendly, they will try harder and before they know it, it will be a habit.

Ventilate your workspace and reduce the use of the cooling system

Most workplaces have very bad indoor air quality which puts the health of the employees in jeopardy. Ventilation helps send out stale air and bring in fresh air, and maintains healthy indoor air quality. It also helps keep the interior cool longer, reducing the use of the cooling systems. Worried about the energy consumption to keep the ventilation system working? Solar powered attic fans can be installed and they use the sun’s energy to ventilate your space. You will be using the limitless and free energy of the sun to keep your interior ventilated.

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