Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Commercial Solamaster from Solatube

Solatube is way ahead of the game when it comes to green products. Their incredible team has come out with yet another efficient daylighting system which uses patented technology and unparalleled innovation. The Commercial Solamaster Series! The SolaMaster Series is a versatile line of tubular daylighting devices that captures natural light at the rooftop and transfers it into building interiors where daylighting has rarely been possible. These daylighting systems features patented optical technologies that can give highly predictable light levels. This is the perfect way to light up your large commercial spaces.
Thus far, daylighting systems were for smaller spaces and were used to light up homes and smaller commercial spaces. Those determined companies who would not compromise on lowering their carbon footprint had the option of installing multiple daylighting systems to light up their space. Their tenacity has urged Solatube to come out with a better and more flexible option for companies to light up their spaces. Out of this was born the Commercial Solamaster series. This daylighting system can light up large commercial spaces like factories and industrial plants. They are ideal for spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 8 ft. to 20 ft.

A fine blend of architectural and environmental integration
The problem with commercial daylighting system is that the sky never stays the same. The sun is constantly moving over the sky, clouds pass by and you cannot control the amount of heat the sun gives out. Therefore it had been very difficult to use the sun in commercial daylighting systems as you can never predict the amount of light that can be delivered to the interiors. Solatube’s innovative technology overcomes all those challenges with commercial daylighting systems that not only meet architectural and environmental objectives but also provide predictable light output, design flexibility, and peace of mind.
Optical controllability
One of the most difficult challenges Solatube had to overcome was to control light output. Solatube has overcome this obstacle and their new commercial daylighting system selectively redirects, reflects and delivers the visible spectrum of daylight to interior spaces. Their research and development team has also figured out a system to filter out infrared wavelengths to reduce daytime cooling loads and minimizing costs associated with air conditioning units.
Solatube’s new daylighting system for commercial spaces also prevents harmful ultraviolet light from entering the building. This lessens wear on the interiors and you will not have to worry about damage to furniture and fabrics. Whether your application requires controlled, consistent light output or maximum light output throughout the day, the SolaMaster Series offers options to meet your specific commercial lighting needs.
Extraordinary adaptability
At Solatube, they look at the future and not only at the present. They understand that a building can pass through different hands or be used for different purposes as years go by. Their commercial daylighting systems are geared for those changes. The system is so adaptable that if a building is reconfigured or modified, the systems can change along with it. The fixtures used as accessories for the daylighting system can be changed when necessary and new effect lenses or lighting controls can be added or removed to customize a space. If remodeling is being done, the tubing can be easily rerouted to a new location.
The Commercial SolaMaster Series is the best daylighting systems for commercial spaces like:
• Retail outlets
• Lobbies / Atriums
• Recreation areas
• Warehouse & Industrial
To take a look at this new product from Solatube, you can visit their dealer in the Bay Area, Sunlight Concepts. Check out their range of green products at and