Monday, February 23, 2015

What are the advantages of installing a commercial Skyvault?

Solatube has engineered the remarkable daylighting systems, which absorbs the sunlight from a rooftop device, and pipes it into the home through technologically advanced tubing, bathing your home with abundant, friendly, natural light. These daylighting systems can be used in residential and commercial places. The systems are easy to install, are almost maintenance free and require minimal structural change.

Not resting on their laurels, Solatube realized that their daylighting systems were not enough for extremely large residential and/or commercial spaces. After a lot of research and development, they have introduced the world to the groundbreaking commercial SkyVault Series. This type of daylighting system seamlessly mixes and matches components to make sure that the light capture is enhanced, there is more controlled focus, and the designing can be adaptable and dynamic to fit in perfectly in spaces that are large and have high ceilings. 

Advantages of the Skyvault Series
  • Delivers more light to meet illumination requirements - Large spaces need more lighting. The regular daylighting system from Solatube offers a lot of flexibility and adaptability but large spaces would need more than one daylighting system to light up their space. With the SkyVault Series, the entire space can be lit up with a single system.
  • Provides maximum output with minimum impact on building envelope - Since it is only a single system, there is minimum structural change and disturbance while installing the device but even the slight inconvenience is worth the result. Natural, healthy sunlight pouring into your commercial buildings.
  • Can be tailored for specific project needs - The SkyVault Series like all Solatube products is extremely versatile and can be customized to fit the needs of the client. This allows the device to be fixed to almost any kind of building, old or new, with any kind of roof types and surfaces.
  • Reduces installation costs - Companies that are very environmentally aware have been making their commercial spaces more eco-friendly by designing green buildings. They have even gone to the length of installing multiple daylighting systems to ensure that they are looking after the health of their employees, reducing energy consumption and lessening their carbon footprint. Now, using daylighting systems in green buildings which are very large has become so much cheaper. With the SkyVaulkt Series, Solatube has managed to make natural light available to factories and other large commercial areas.
The different options of the SkyVault Series

The SkyVault Series is the first in a line of modular, high output tubular daylighting devices that deliver massive amounts of daylight to large volume spaces with high, open ceilings. The Solatube M74 DS is the core of the SkyVault Series, and is available with the following pre-assembled configurations:

• Single-glazed dome assembly
• Single-glazed dome assembly with security guard
• Dual-glazed dome assembly
• Dual-glazed dome assembly with security guard

Types of spaces that could use the Skyvault series

One of the largest commercial spaces that needs a lot of lighting 24/7, are airports. Most airports are glass fronted and glass domed which lets in a lot of light. But this is usually confined to the central atrium and surrounding areas. This light does not reach passenger lounges, cafeterias and other utility and maintenance areas in the airport. Artificial lighting is used to illuminate these areas. With the SkyVault Series, natural light can be piped into these areas and the necessity of having artificial lighting is lessened. Other spaces that will benefit from this daylighting system are convention centers, hospitality industries, Industrial spaces, retail spaces, military institutions, etc. 

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