Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tips on making this an eco friendly year

Have you noticed the changes in our climate? The unprecedented storms and blizzards and all of nature’s fury unleashed? We have neglected our planet far too long and the planet is fighting back. Isn’t it time that each of us make a resolution to give back to the planet? This New Year, make a resolution to go green.

Start with baby steps
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes. The amount of energy expended on heating up water to wash your clothes is a lot and unnecessary.
  • Take your own bags when you go shopping, so that you can bring back your provisions in them. You will be decreasing the number of bags that are used daily.
  • Recycle paper. There are a number of ways in which you can use paper. Use it to wipe things. Make it into bags. Or go digital and avoid newspapers.
  • Buy only what you need. The amount of food that an average American wastes is large. When you eat out, make sure to order only what you need. When you buy provisions, buy only what you would use.
  • Play with your children, instead of wasting energy on the television, the computer and game boxes. If it’s too cold outside, play indoor board games. You will be surprised by how much they enjoy the time you spend with them.
  • Wondering what to do with the Christmas tree, now that Christmas is over? You can plant it outside in the garden or in a planter, and reuse it next year.
  • Make sure that all your plumbing works well. A leaky faucet or tap is an unnecessary waste of water.
  • When you are cold instead of turning the furnace on and expending more energy, wear warmer clothes. Insulate your home to retain warmth.
  • Similarly, when it’s too warm, put dark curtains on the windows which will keep the interior cooler. Use attic fans to ventilate the house. This spreads cool air throughout the home.
  • Artificial lighting raises the temperature of a home. Install daylighting systems which will bring natural, healthy light into your home. It serves many purposes. It keeps the house cooler. It provides healthy Vitamin D that your body needs. You are saving a lot of money by bringing down your energy consumption. You are lessening your carbon footprint by not using electricity to light up your homes.
  • Spread the word! One person CAN make a difference. Have neighborhood drives to encourage people to go green. Teach your children the three R’s. Encourage your colleagues to become eco friendly. Pitch a new energy saving idea to your boss. Buy green products as gifts for friends and family, thereby encouraging them to be environmentally friendly too.
  • Smart LEDS are the latest in decreasing power consumption. The latest green products are innovative and use advanced technology to provide ample light to your residential or commercial spaces.
  • New eco friendly products like the Commercial Skyvault series and the Commercial Solamaster from Solatube, the leaders in energy saving green products allow daylighting systems that can bathe entire commercial and factory spaces with natural, healthy light. This helps boost morale and increase productivity.
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