Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tips on giving the perfect Christmas gift

Receiving gifts is great, and gifting them is also a pleasure. But, Christmas is not like a birthday, anniversary or some such occasion where you need to consider only one individual’s gift. You probably have a long list of people whom you need to buy Christmas gifts for. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas gifting a little easier this season.
  1. When making a list, use some headers, for example, close friends, best friends, close family, your immediate family, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. This will give you an idea of what kind of gifts you will have to get for the people in the different groups.
  2. Make a budget. It’s surprising, how easy it becomes to choose gifts once you’ve got budgets for the different groups. You could be a bit flexible, especially when buying gifts for people close to you, but by sticking to a budget, the number of things that you can buy dwindles and the choices become easier.
  3. But, budgeting doesn’t mean picking up some gift in bulk and giving everyone in one of the groups the same thing. This is Christmas and you could spend a little time thinking about what people’s interests are and pick up something they would appreciate.
  4. Shop online. The crowds filling up every store and mall during Christmas is crazy. Yes, granted that you may get some great buys. But most online stores have sales going on during Christmas. You may need to do a bit of searching to find what you want at the price that you want it, but it is much easier than pushing through the milling crowds.
  5. One question that everyone has is how to budget a gift. How do you decide the amount you want to spend on someone’s gift? A good rule of thumb is to spend about the same amount that the gift they gave you the previous year would cost. They would probably spend just as much this year, so you’ll do fine.
  6. For close friends and family, you need to do a little more research to find a great gift. You would probably have an idea for what to get your immediate family, but what about your extended family? You could check with people close to them to get an idea of what their interests are.
  7. Homemade gifts are appreciated as people like the personal touch. So, if you’re good at crafts, you could make pretty artsy stuff as gifts. If cooking is your forte, pickles, preserves, jams, cakes, etc are always great gifts. The big advantage here is that they hardly cost anything and you can make it in bulk.
  8. With people getting eco-friendly, green gifts are greatly appreciated. There are a wide variety of green gifts that you can give from potted plants for acquaintances to daylighting systems to close family. Not only are you being eco-friendly, but you are encouraging others to become environmentally aware too.
Give the gift of light

Solatube has a wide range of decorative fixtures that would be a great gift for people who have daylighting systems. Their range of decorative fixtures includes:
  • The JustFrost which showcases sunlight in a clean, contemporary design.
  • The TierDrop features a beautiful, cascading design for a classic look.
  • OptiView delivers artful views of the sky in a low-profile design.
  • QuadraFros delivers stunning daylight with symmetry and style.
  • AuroraGlo commands attention with the smooth, cascading lines and subtle beauty.
  • VividShade is chic and accents daylight with contemporary fabric.
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