Thursday, October 30, 2014

What are Smart LEDs and how do they work?

Smart LEDs are a revolutionary day and night home lighting solution that uses the latest LED technology with the most popular daylighting system, to bring natural light into your home. This great LED system decreases your energy consumption by 94%. It not only saves you money but is beneficial to your health too, as your spaces are filled with natural light from the sun.  This green product is cost effective and energy efficient.

What are the features of a Smart LED?

The Smart LED uses SunSense Technology, which is a patented control center. It assesses the daylight that filters into your home all day long. If it finds the amount of light being filtered into the house low, it automatically and seamlessly transfers the lighting option from daylighting systems to the Smart LED. So, your house is always lit in a controlled way, throughout the day.

The Raybender® 3000 that the Smart LED uses is a patented daylight-capturing dome lens that helps capture the optimum amount of sunlight. It redirects the reflector for maximum light absorption. It controls the light that goes in, and during very bright days, rejects the excess light.

The Spectralight® Infinity Extension Tube that are used in the daylighting system help the Smart LED, as the tubes are made of a special reflective material that delivers 99.7% reflectivity, for maximum sunlight transfer. The material that makes up the tubing renders the colors in the room that the sunlight is piped to, bolder and brighter.  This material takes in as much sunlight as needed and pipes it through the extension tubes to the various parts of the house. These tubes come in different sizes to facilitate both long, uninterrupted runs, as well as, shorter lengths, where it can be fitted together in angles, to provide light for even the most hard to reach spaces in the house.

The Smart LED’s LightTracker™ is an advanced dome reflector that can absorb light from whichever side the sun is during the dark, winter months. This ensures year round sunlight in your home.


The Smart LED comes with a variety of add-ons that can help better the effectiveness and efficiency of the daylighting system. Their flashings come in different types so that it is easy to fit them on any kind of roof type, whether it is flat or pitches.

Daylight dimmer

Sometimes, especially during summer, sunlight can be extremely bright. The light that comes into your home can also be too much. The daylight dimmer helps you control the amount of sunlight coming into your home. With the help of the daylight dimmer, you can ensure that the light in your home is controlled throughout the day.

High-performance Amplifier

The amplifier for the Smart LED is protected in a special housing and uses patented technology to get the best results. It has 16 reflective facets. The number of facets increases the reflective quality of the amplifier, and even if the sunlight on a certain day is meager, the facets of the amplifier will reflect it many times over to ensure there is enough light being piped in.

Daylight Sensor

A Daylight Sensor continually monitors light levels within the tube and activates the LEDs when light levels reach a minimum threshold. It also deactivates the LEDs when sufficient daylight is present.

Why get a Smart LED?

Sunlight is beneficial for our health and the amount of money that you will save by installing a Smart LED is a very smart move. That is why Solatube has spent millions of dollars in R&D to get you the maximum benefit of sunlight. Sunlight Concepts is the local dealer for Solatube products in the Bay Area. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Benefits of natural light in hospitals and care centers

Hospitals, and care centers have realized that treating a patient for an illness is no longer enough. These days most of these health centers have tried to incorporate other ideas into the design of their building, to make it a healthy place for a patient’s treatment, and for pre and post treatment care. One of the important features that health centers have added to their building is the introduction of natural light into their spaces.

Natural light is good for health

Natural light has been found to be a very good therapy for recuperating patients. Some features that these health care centers have added are atriums with large skylights. They have created landscaped indoor healing gardens. These have been found to increase the recovery time for patients and help bolster their spirits.

What should a health center do if they already have an existing structure and no space to incorporate an atrium or a garden? Daylighting systems are the solution. Daylighting systems can bring in natural light into any space large or small, and even if the patient is not able to go out into the sun, they will reap the benefits of the sun’s natural rays which are beneficial for their recovery.

What are the advantages of installing daylighting systems in a health care center?

Studies have proven the healing benefits of the sun. Usually after an operation or any kind of long illness, a patient is confined to the interiors of the hospital for quite a while. During this time they get a measly amount of sunlight. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is helpful in recuperation. The natural and best way of getting a daily dose of Vitamin D is the sun. Being enclosed in a room with no access to sunlight prevents the patient from receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Doctors normally prescribe Vitamin D supplements in such cases.

Another factor to be considered is the mental health of a patient. Being cooped up in a room with no natural light can lead to despair and depression, both of which are not good for a patient.

By installing daylighting systems, natural sunlight can be piped into rooms and this provides a two-fold benefit. It provides the patient with an adequate amount of sunlight for a good dose of Vitamin D, and also serves to lift their spirits.

Why are daylighting systems a good way to bring in sunlight?

There are many ways to bring sunlight into a health care center like skylights, atriums and open spaces inside the hospital. But in an already existing building, renovation is the last thing that people want. Having walls broken down to make space for larger windows, having ceilings destroyed to make an atrium or skylight, is almost impossible in most health care centers. There are patients who need rest and recuperation. Doing structural work around them, and exposing them to the noise and pollution of a renovation is unwise. Daylighting systems on the other hand, do not need any kind of structural change. They can be installed on any kind of roof. The tubing used for the daylighting system lends itself to being angled in any way, to bring sunlight to narrow and closed up spaces. A daylighting system can be installed in a couple of hours with a minimum of fuss or disturbance. This makes daylighting system the perfect choice for healthcare centers.

A daylighting system brings a bit of the outdoors inside, provides ample light, cuts down on energy consumption and lifts the spirits. It is the best answer for healthcare centers that care for their patients’ well being. Visit and to get in touch with the best Solatube dealer in the Bay Area, Sunlight Concepts.