Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Benefits of natural light for children

Children are a joy and the saying that a mother or father is born, when a child is born is very apt. As a parent, your responsibility is to raise your child in a healthy and loving atmosphere. The household should be stress free as children flourish in a happy atmosphere. Most parents ensure that their child is given all the regular shots, taken to the pediatrician regularly, given healthy food and enough activities to help them stay fit. Not only do children need healthy food, but they also need enough sunlight everyday to get a good dose of Vitamin D. Many parents take their babies for a stroll in the sunlight and if the children are older, they are taken to the park or playground, where they get enough exposure to the sun.

With a two parent working household, it can get quite difficult to find enough time to get your kids exposed to sunlight. To make sure your children get enough sunlight each day, get some natural light flowing into your home creating a healthy atmosphere for your family.

Making sure that babies get enough sunlight
  1. Make sure that the nursery is airy
    When designing a nursery for your new addition, make sure that the window is large enough to let in sunlight during the day. Even babies need a good dose of Vitamin D.
  2. Have the crib near a window or in the path of direct sunlight
    If the weather where you live does not allow for enough sunlight, you can make sure that your baby gets some exposure to the beneficial rays of the sun, by keeping the crib closer to the window for maximum exposure. On the other hand, if you live in a place that is warmer and you have too much sunlight coming into the room, reduce it by hanging sheer curtains on the window, to lessen the amount of sunlight coming in.
  3. Make a good choice when deciding on the nursery
    Most people have the nursery ready before the baby comes. When choosing the room that you are planning to convert into a nursery, pick a room that faces east. The early morning sunlight is the best and by having a nursery that faces east, you ensure that enough natural light comes in.
A good dose of Vitamin D for children
  1. Playing outdoors
    These days you find many children glued to their computer screen or the T.V. the entire day. Make sure that your child goes out to play for at least a while.
  2. Pick a good school
    When picking a school for your child, check whether they have plenty of outdoor activities for the children.
  3. Design outdoor activities
If you have the time, create outdoor activities, like a hike, or a day at the pool, or a picnic, where children get to have fun and get a good dose of Vitamin D.

What do you do if there is no option of letting sunlight into your child’s room?

Very often, the above suggestions may not be practical. You may not have a room that faces the sun. You may not have the time to take your baby for a stroll or take the children for outdoor activities regularly. The next best thing is to install a daylighting system. These are an efficient way to get sunlight into any room in the house. By installing a daylighting system, your house is bathed in natural light throughout the day and your kids will be reaping the benefits of the sunlight and will be healthier.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The best source of Vitamin D and its benefits

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is part of a family of compounds. These compounds include vitamins D1, D2, and D3. Vitamin D affects almost 2,000 genes in the body.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?
  1. Vitamin D is a very important but often overlooked vitamin that our body needs. Here are a few benefits of Vitamin D.
  2. Vitamin D absorbs calcium
  3. It brings a glow to your skin
  4. It helps fight depression
  5. It strengthen bones and teeth
  6. It helps in reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis
  7. Decreases the chances of a heart attack
  8. It even helps protect you against the common cold and flu
In olden days, people did a lot of outside work and hence got a daily dose of Vitamin D from the sunlight. But over time, lifestyles have changed and people these days are often deficient in Vitamin D. Some of the reasons why people have a deficiency in Vitamin D are:
  1. Staying indoors most of the time. Even when people go out, they get into air conditioned or heated cars, with their windows rolled up and many cars have tinted glass, making it impossible for the sun’s rays to reach them.
  2. Most people work in air conditioned offices, under artificial light.
  3. People don’t play outdoor games as much as they usd to.
  4. For people living in cities, there is one more disadvantage. High rises block the sunlight from falling on their houses.

How does one get a good dose of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is available in some fruits and vegetables, but in minimal amounts. Now, fortified foods add Vitamin D to their product to help people ensure that they get a good supply of this compound. The best way of getting free, healthy Vitamin D is by exposure to the sun. Here are some ideas on how you can get Vitamin D from the sun: 
  1. Do some kind of outdoor activity. Yes, the exerc ise craze has caught on and the number of people hitting the gym is increasing everyday. But the gyms are temperature controlled and work under artificial light. It is good to go to the gym but instersperse your exercise with some outdoor activity like running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc, so that you have exposure to the sun. Early morning is the best time to soak in the rays of the rising sun.
  2. Make sure that your home and office space are mostly lit up by natural sunlight during the day. Have large bay windows and use skylights to let natural light in
  3. Consider investing in a daylighting system. They can fill your rooms with natural sunlight.
What should one know about daylighting systems?

Daylighting systems offer a lot of benefits and are a really good way to bring light into your home. Here are just a few of the multitude of reasons on why you should install a daylighting system 
  1. You and your your family are exposed to natural light the whole day
  2. In commercial places, it actually increases worker productivity
  3. It is easy to install
  4. There is no necessity to make structural changes
  5. It catches the optimum light of the sun
  6. It can be sent through the tubing to light even dark spaces like closets and corridors.
  7. The reflecor in the roof dome is made of a material that absorbs as much of sunlnight as it can
  8. It comes with a control switch so you can  regulate the amount of light that comes into your home.
Where does one buy daylighting systems?

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