Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Increase your factory worker's productivity with natural light

Offices and workplaces make an effort to look after their workers and keep them satisfied and happy in their jobs. Why? This is because employee iteration was on the increase and companies were losing good staff. Companies started spending a lot in trying to figure out what they were doing wrong and what they should be doing to keep their staff. Now, companies factor employee needs into every decision they make from job profile to workplace environment. Whether it is a small business, a multinational or a retail outlet, employees need to be kept satisfied to increase their productivity and workplace efficiency.

Some of the areas that companies have changed their outlook when it comes to employee needs are by providing well lit workplaces, and open and airy ambiences. They make sure that offices are well ventilated and cool during summer and warm during winter. There are cafeterias where employees can get access to healthy food and many offices provide kitchenettes and basic power snacks for employees to have during working hours. There are break rooms and recreational areas to help the employees relieve stress by taking a break in stress busting ways. Due to these innovations, employee productivity has been on the rise.

Benefits of using natural light in the workplace

Improves employee morale

Prolonged exposure to artificial light, especially in the late evening and night, can lead to depression. If employees in workplaces have to work only under artificial light, they would feel tired and stressed out and depressed most of the time. To have an efficient and productive workforce, it is wise to switch to natural light. This will improve the mood of the employees and keep them focused. Many companies use skylights and large windows to let in light. But this kind of light cannot be controlled or directed towards specific areas. Many businesses are turning towards daylighting systems as the smarter choices for lighting up workplaces.

Reduces the energy bill

If you are a start up or your business has to adhere to a budget, consider using natural light instead of expensive electric bulbs. By reducing your energy consumption, you are increasing your profit margin. Using daylighting systems to light up your factory space is a great way to bring down your energy bill. Most factories need lighting throughout the day. Having a daylighting system ensures that the employees are working under optimum health conditions.

Increases productivity

By affecting the mood of the workers, working under artificial light can affect the productivity of your workforce negatively. Studies show that this is a universal phenomenon. Millions of dollars have been spent to find out what is the best ways to bring optimum productivity to workers. High on the list is the need for natural light. The amount of money that you will spend on changing over to natural light will be offset by the reduction in power bills in the long run.

Daylighting systems are an asset

Solatube realized the importance of natural light years back and have been working tirelessly in research and development of state of the art daylighting systems that will be an asset to any building that it is installed in.

Sunlight Concepts is the dealer for Solatube daylighting systems in the Bay Area and they stock all of Solatube’s extremely well engineered, energy efficient products. 

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With the help of Solatube daylighting systems, you can make a big difference in the productivity of your workforce.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Why are commercial spaces switching to natural lighting systems?

There are many areas in which commercial spaces have changed the way they look and the way they present themselves to prospective clients. Gone are the little-hole-in-the-wall, windowless office spaces. Offices these days are all about open, airy spaces, with glass and chrome and offer a good ambience for workers and clients alike. Open cubicles, large cafeterias, large windows overlooking greenery, well lit atriums are all in. The reason is quite obvious. It is about giving the effect of more space and light.

Commercial contractors are using all the new advances in building technology to offer better workspaces for their clients. These are some of the areas to which commercial building contractors are paying more attention to.


The need for security has become much more important as more research and development happens in offices, and confidential information needs to be protected. The level of security in new buildings has increased dramatically over the last decade. Some of these security features include infra red lights, occupancy sensors, etc. These are just a few among the many security measurements used in new construction.


With the financial world totally dependent on technology, it has become more and more important that buildings have their own communications systems, their own electric system etc., and if any of these fail and a business loses communication, billions could be lost. Builders try to make their constructions as self sufficient as possible.

Worker productivity

A healthy and good ambience in the workspace makes for a healthy and happy workforce leading to more productivity. Businesses have learnt that to make money they have to keep their staff happy and they factor in the needs of the staff when creating workspaces.

How has lighting in commercial spaces changed over the years?

Gone are the days where employees slaved under artificial light in sweaty offices. Now, they have centrally air conditioned workspaces with good lighting. Of late, businesses have woken up to the fact that in spite of providing comfortable workspaces, working under artificial lights brings down the productivity of the workers. They have switched to daylighting systems and LED lights which are healthier options

How do you incorporate daylighting systems and LEDS in commercial 

Daylighting systems and Smart LEDs have a lot of advantages

Easy to install

Daylighting sytems can be installed with the minimum of fuss and in no time at all. There are no structural changes required to install daylighting systems

Low energy bills

Daylighting systems and Smart LEDs use the natural energy of the sun to light up your commercial spaces and hence you will find a big drop in your energy bill.

Light control

Daylighting systems use infinity tubing that can bring natural light to hard-to-reach spaces. The light can be directed towards specific parts of the room. Daylighting accessories help in controlling the amount of light coming in.

The most popular brands in daylighting systems and LEDs

Solatube daylighting systems and their Smart LEDs are the most popular energy efficient daylighting systems in the market. Sunlight Concepts, the dealer for Solatube products in the Bay Area stocks these green products. You can check out the daylighting systems at Their Smart LEDs can be viewed at Visit their websites at and Call (408) 844-0081 to fix an appointment with one of their technicians.