Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten ways to beat the heat

‘In the summertime and the weather is fine’. Isn’t that a lovely song? But for the people in the Bay Area, that may not be the best song for the summer. As temperatures rise, so do tempers. Here are some cool ways to beat the heat.
  1. Get dark colored heavy curtains for your rooms for the summer. Leave the windows open during the night and pull the drapes as it gets warm during the day. This helps to keep out the heat and keep the room cool.
  2. Turn off all the heat inducing equipment in the house when not in use like the oven, computer, heater etc. This will bring down the temperatures inside the house.
  3. Don’t switch on all the lights in the house. Electric bulbs make the room warmer. Use bulbs sparingly. Consider investing in a daylighting system. This brings in natural light from outside which is cooler than electric bulbs and healthier too. The amount of sunlight in a daylighting system can be adjusted using a dimmer. As an added bonus, you are also being eco friendly and saving money.
  4. Place a shallow bowl filled with ice in front of your fan to increase windchill, if your fan isn’t making the room cool enough.
  5. Drink lots of water. In the summer, your body gets dehydrated and drinking water cools the body down (The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes no recommendation as to the temperature fluids to consume in a heat wave other than to “avoid very cold drinks” as these can cause stomach cramps. It also recommends avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and drinks with large amounts of sugar as these can “actually cause you to lose more body fluid”.)
  6. Keep a spray bottle filled with water in the fridge and occasionally spray yourself with chilled water. Spray the pulse points of your body like the head, neck, wrists, back of knees etc. If you add a piece of cucumber or twist of lemon it adds to the spritz. This is a great way to keep your body temperatures down and keep you cool
  7. Have cold food. Frozen yogurt, fruits, smoothies are all great to indulge in during the summer. Try to reduce cooking in the kitchen. Have cereals for breakfast, cold cuts and sandwiches for lunch and light sandwiches for dinner. Try to avoid hot and spicy food as it increases your body temperature. Eat light during the summer.
  8. Go out! This is the best time to get out in your car and go for a long drive. The air conditioning in the car is much more effective and cheaper than using the air conditioner at home. You can make it even cheaper, by just rolling the windows down if there is a nice breeze blowing.
  9. An even cheaper option is to take some sort of public transport and hit the mall. Air conditioning for free and you can have fun in spite of the sun.
  10. If it’s a really hot one, wet sheets and drape them on the curtain rail. The breeze blowing through the wet sheet will make the air blowing in, cooler.
Another great way to keep yourself cool is to get a solar attic fan. It ventilates the house, pushing out the hot air and letting in cool air. Solatube has a very nice solar attic fan which you can get from their local Bay Area Solatube dealer, Sunlight Concepts. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ventilate your home with solar attic fans

One of the important points to keep in mind when designing, building or renovating a house is ventilation. Good ventilation is important for many reasons.

It keeps odors at bay

If your home does not have proper air circulation, the moisture in the air clings to the walls and furniture, and your home will have a damp and wet smell all the time. Other smells too do not get dissipated quickly.

Keeps the damp away

If the ventilation in your home is poor, the dampness in the air will cause the paint on your walls to bubble. The furniture and flooring has more chance of rotting due to mildew. Your upholstery, carpets and other furnishings also get affected by the dampness.

Keeps the air clean

Poor ventilation makes the indoor air quality of the home poor, and the chances of you and your family falling sick often are high. It could be allergies due to dust and other contaminants that have no way of getting out of the house. Dampness can give rise to asthma.

Keeps you healthy

Fresh air keeps one healthy. If you have a good circulation of air in your home, clean air is constantly wafting in. This makes your home a healthier place to live in.

Cuts your energy costs

When you have proper cross ventilation, except for the hottest months of the year, you don’t need to use your air conditioning unit. This will cut down your energy bills quite a bit.

A whole new system of ventilation

But how do you ensure that your home is properly ventilated? You need to make sure that you have large windows that bring clean air into the home. Having an attic fan is a great way to ensure that your home is well ventilated. Wondering how you cut costs if you are running an attic fan constantly? The answer is simple…Solar powered attic fans!

Solar powered attic fans have attic vent and roof vent fans. These fans run on the sun’s energy and so cost nothing to operate. Your energy bills will come down drastically while clean air circulates around your home. Most solar powered fans come with flashing option which means they can be fixed to almost any kind of roof.

Solar powered attic fans are a green product. By using them, you cool down your home, keep your house ventilated, cut down on your energy bills and earn federal tax credits. These are just some of the reasons that it is a great idea to buy a solar attic fan. Wondering where to get the best solar powered attic fan? You don’t have to look far. Solatube’s solar powered attic fans use the best technology that money can buy. Take a look at this great green product from Solatube.

The Quiet Cool System from Solatube

The Quiet Cool System is a "New Generation Product," based on a years of research and study and has been around for years.  It is a versatile cooling and ventilating system. The Quiet Cool fans are a multi-fan and multi-location system that moves large volumes of air (CFM) per fan. The Quiet Cool Fans are easy to install and have insulated self-closing, damper doors that create a positive closure to prevent air from freely flowing from the house to the attic, when the fans are not in operation. The Quiet Cool fans are attached in a hanging position from your attic rafters, away from your living area to provide tremendously quiet operation.

Call Sunlight Concepts today at (408) 844-0081 to find out more about their solar attic fans. You can also check out the product at http://www.sunlightconcepts.com/content/show/7044.