Thursday, April 24, 2014

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Are you a tax payer?  If you earn any kind of income, you probably are. Are you one of those people who just pay up whatever your CPA tells you to pay up? Or do you do some research into what kind of tax deductions you could get, and make sure that you are paying as minimum tax as possible? There are many deductions that people are not aware of. Do you know that apart from tax deductions, you can even get tax credits? This can be a substantial saving. It actually brings down the amount of tax that you need to pay. It reduces the tax itself, unlike a tax deduction.

Do you know that energy efficient products qualify for a Federal Tax credit? This means that any kind of energy efficient product that you buy, install and use will make you eligible for a federal tax credit.

Some green ideas that provide you with Federal tax credit

  • If you are building a home and are using energy efficient products, you can get a tax credit for them.
  • Building energy efficient homes by itself makes you eligible for tax credit.
  • Energy efficient commercial buildings also get tax credit
  • Buying hybrid and alternative fuel cars afford you tax credit.

If you purchase select energy-saving products, from 1/2/13 – 12/31/14, you may be qualified to receive a federal tax credit. Eligible products include: HVAC, doors, windows, insulation, appliances, washers & dryers, toilets, faucets, showerheads, programmable thermostats, LED & CFL light bulbs and more. *Limit of $200 tax credit for windows.(

Get Federal Tax Benefits with Solatube energy efficient products

When you purchase a Solatube product, you can avail up to 30% Federal Tax Credit. And that is just one of the advantages of buying a SolaTube product. Their range of products is so wide and extremely efficient. Apart from getting a tax credit, when buying a Solatube product you are:

  • Making your space more eco friendly
  • Saving on electricity bills
  • Conserving power
  • Doing your bit for the planet

As you can see, it is advantageous in many ways.

The ultimate range of Solatube products

Daylighting systems

Their daylighting systems set performance standards never seen before. These models will take your space from dark to dazzling. They are great for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, great rooms, laundry rooms, home offices, dining rooms & closets.

Solatube Smart LED

The revolutionary Solatube Smart LED System is a 24-hour home lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in light energy savings. It also operates automatically and lasts longer than traditional electric lighting for maximum efficiency.

Solar Attic Fans

The Solar Star Conversion Kit transforms any roof vent into an eco-friendly solar-powered vent. Now you can easily and quickly use the power of the sun to reduce attic heat and battle moisture. Keeping your attic cool has never been easier – and with a 30% Federal Tax Credit it's the best time ever to get a Solar Star Attic Fan.

Your friendly neighborhood Solatube dealer

The best part is that you don’t have to go too far to find your nearest SolaTube dealer in the Bay Area. Sunlight Concepts at 1130 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050 has all the Solatube products. Their Certified Solatube technicians will have them installed in your home in no time. You can check out their websites at and to see their green products. Call 1-855-DAY-LITE to fix an appointment with one of their technicians for a daylight assessment. They are offering an instant rebate of $200 off for installation right now. So strike when the iron is hot!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why should you get a Smart LED for your home?

The acronym LED stands for light emitting diodes. LED’s can be found in many kinds of gadgets and can be used in various ways. They are the little miracles that form the numbers on digital watches, the light that comes on when an appliance is on, etc. They are actually tiny light bulbs that can fit into an electrical circuit. They don’t have a filament like ordinary light bulbs, and they have a longer life than regular light bulb.

Advantages of LEDs over regular light bulbs

  • LED’s are versatile, durable and long lasting. These days LEDs are being used to light up homes. Since they are small, they lend themselves to a variety of niches into which they can be tucked into, and can be used with a variety of fixtures. They have made a revolution in interior lighting.
  • They are a directional light source which means that they can focus light on one point. Regular light bulbs spread light in all directions. But since the LED is fit into the right fixture, the light can be focused on specific objects or niches in the house.
  • Regular light bulbs use a filament to burn, and after a certain time the filament becomes so hot that it produces more heat than light. This is not the case with an LED lighting system.
  • LED bulbs have an energy star rating as they are energy efficient. They do not use up electricity like how regular light bulbs do. All energy star rates products have undergone stringent testing before being awarded the prestigious rating.

Designed for ultimate performance

Solatube has gone one better and come out with the Smart LED which uses no-cost, natural light to illuminate your home. At night, these energy-efficient LEDs automatically trigger to light up your interiors after sundown. This great combination helps you reduce your energy use by up to 94%. Imagine the savings that you will make if you install the Samrt LED in your home. The Smart LED System has earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating* for its ability to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates, and heat gain in extremely warm ones, giving you the ultimate in thermal performance. This award winning environmentally friendly product from Solatube is a pioneer in it’s field.
The Solatube Smart LED System beat out more than 300 other lighting-related products to win the coveted Light Fair International Innovation Award in early 2013.

What is the secret behind the Smart LED system?

The secret behind the Smart LED System is SunSense Technology which is a patented control center that is continually assessing the levels of daylight. The result is an efficient combination of daylight and LED light that gives the most effective lighting.

The Solatube Smart LED System is the simple and smart way to brighten dark bathrooms, hallways, entryways, closets and more.

The Smart LED system uses sunlight and provides no-cost daytime light supply, and the energy-efficient LEDs use minimal electricity. The system requires virtually no maintenance and the lighting runs on autopilot. Daylight levels are continually monitored and there is automatic operation for a total hands free lighting.

Where is your nearest Solatube dealer in the Bay Area?

Sunlight Concepts is the nearest Solatube dealer in the Bay Area. You can visit their websites at and to check out all their green products including the Smart LED. You can call them at 1-855-DAY-LITE and fix an appointment, to see how this great lighting system works. They have a rebate right now. If you hurry, you could get lucky.