Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eco friendly Lighting with Sunlight

How do you increase natural lighting indoors without compromising on energy efficiency? The effective use of sunlight increases the chances of good lighting indoors in a well designed home. It’s always a joy to be around sunlight and solar lighting has taken over the reins of artificial lighting in recent years thanks to its eco friendliness and sustainability. For residential and commercial purposes, solar lighting has proven time and again of saving a significant amount of money in electric bills and also in utilizing the value of energy by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions and the preservation of fossil fuels. This was totally achieved by installing daylighting systems all over the entire indoor space considering the size, location and primary function of its working operation.  Other factors also need to be noted like utilizing windows to its full potential by letting in fresh air, natural sunlight and capturing a glorious view of the outdoors. This will help in reducing energy costs in different weather conditions, provide for high quality lighting and less heat generation when compared to artificial lighting methods.
Many homeowners have heard about the benefits of daylighting and installed products in their home and office to usher in natural light every single day. Thanks to urban designing of homes, natural light can be experienced at a different level and the need for electric lighting can be reduced, thereby saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Daylighting solutions are always being reinvented every few years to achieve the best possible look for any décor and provide sustainable lighting to serve its purpose. The locality and orientation of the building is taken into account apart from architectural design, window sizing and placements, proper room allocation and of course finishing touches to the room design. Health and productivity levels increase when people are surrounded with natural light and studies have also gone to show that it prevents illness, reduces depression and elevates mood.
There should always be a certain type of balance achieved when it comes to using daylighting for indoor spaces. There should not be under or over lighting of an area. Too much of daylight brought in by skylights and windows will increase heating and cooling loads while too little daylight can make unnecessary use of artificial lighting like electric lights. You need to find the most efficient daylighting product for your home and office that will transfer the right amount of natural light indoors with no operating costs. Check with daylighting experts in your area to find a product that absorbs sunlight and transfers it adequately into every room indoors. The product will have an optical dome that employs a particular technology specially designed through a collection of lenses to absorb maximum amount of daylight, even when the sun is at an angle, or hidden by cloud cover or when the sky is overcast. When the sun is at its peak, the dome acts as a filter to absorb just the right amount of sunlight and transfer it indoors to create optimal visual comfort.
Daylighting products are designed with a primary objective to provide natural sources of lighting for a healthy lifestyle. All products have an element of a designer’s touch, with superior technical operating features and an elegant and eco friendly design which adds to the appeal of the location where they are installed. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Daylighting for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sustainability is the need of the hour as depleting natural resources and increased levels of global warming has reached an all time high the world over. Going “green” is the only solution in a global environment where there has been an increase in the emission of poisonous gases into the earth’s atmosphere apart from obtaining depleting natural resources. People have now become more aware in preserving fossil fuels and socially responsible towards conserving energy. For day-to-day living, eco friendly options are used by homeowners to create a healthy living environment. We need to save planet Earth for our future generations. 

A natural source of energy that is always available in abundance comes from the sun. The sun’s powerful rays which are cast into the earth’s atmosphere every single day must be used to its full potential. Daylight does not make use of any natural resources and so it can be used freely for obtaining energy. Natural sunlight is also the fundamental source of Vitamin D, essential for bone health and growth. This particular vitamin is produced on the human skin through an amalgamation process which is brought about by the wavelengths in the light spectrum present in daylight. Many seniors and patients are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency as they are rarely exposed to sunlight. This will lead to life threatening diseases related to weakening and softening of the bones. An indispensable source of Vitamin D is available only from the sun’s rays and taking dietary sources or supplements can never be compensated.  

Those who are devoid of natural sources of sunlight can allow daylight into their homes and offices, which will work wonders for interior décor. Daylighting products from Solatube transfer the rays of the sun from the roof of the building to all areas indoors. It truly does wonders for the aesthetic appeal of any indoor space as well as provide for eco friendly means to supply natural light through a free energy source with no use of electricity. 

The modus operandi of all daylighting systems is to provide consistent illumination for every room indoors, thereby decreasing consumption of electricity and improving energy efficiency. A wide variety of daylighting products are available for commercial and residential buildings. The power of the sun can be felt in any location and this includes hospitals, shopping malls, schools, colleges, warehouses, office spaces, etc.  

Sunlight creates a more positive perspective on the world around us as it creates new dimensions for people to live happier and healthier lives. Studies have indicated that a well illuminated environment increases creativity and productivity in people. The only preferred alternative to lighting is the use of daylight on many occasions. It also offers solutions to energy conservation where natural resources are fast disappearing. Buildings emit more than 50% in carbon emissions and energy through heating/cooling and artificial lighting in developing countries. That is why it is essential to use eco friendly products like the Daylighting systems from Solatube for energy use. These products are cohesively designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and also prevent heat generation from artificial lighting. Without compromising on quality, the Solatube Daylighting system is truly an engineering marvel that offers intensive illumination, sustainable design elements, zero operating costs, lighting consistency, and thermal performance.

If you would like to experience the positive effects of daylighting in your home or office, then the Daylighting products from Solatube is the answer. Live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.