Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Benefits of the Quiet Cool Whole House Fan System

During the past few decades, fans have been replaced by air conditioning systems but are now surging in popularity due to high energy costs. Many homeowners want to know why whole house fans are a rage in the present market for utilizing environmentally friendly products. The reason is quite simple. Firstly, whole house fans only use a fraction of the electricity of what air conditioners use.  Secondly, they sport self-sealing insulated shutters that close when the fan’s not operating. This feature prevents vast amounts of heat escaping through the fan when not in use during the winter months. During the hot months, whole house fans work as an efficient pre-chiller for your home’s indoors before you even switch on the air conditioner. The fan has the ability to bring in cooler, fresher air during the day and night thus lowering indoor temperatures by upto 5 degrees. And the best part is, it uses only a tenth of a power compared to your AC unit. People who live in dry, arid climatic conditions with temperature swings throughout the day can just switch on the fan without turning on the AC during the cooler part of the day and then turning off the fan and shutting the house when it gets really hot outdoors.
Whole house fans have kept homes cooler for a century. The basic function is quite simple. The fan pushes hot air out through the attic vents and draws in cooler air from open doors and windows. This rapid exchange of air can instantly purge a house of hot air in a matter of minutes. This prevents heat buildup and also creates a pleasant living environment indoors.
The Quiet Cool Whole House Fan is a new generation product which is very effective in whole house cooling. The amazing feature of this revolutionary product is that it exhausts, cools and ventilates your home efficiently and quietly. Another advantage is that it is a multi-fan system which can be installed in any location of the home making it the most versatile and sought after product for cooling and ventilating in the market.

These quiet cools fans have the ability to move large volumes of air (CFM) per fan and have damper doors and insulated self-closing that helps in creating positive closure to prevent air from flowing freely to the attic when it’s not in operation. They can be installed in a hanging position from the attic rafters and away from the living areas so that they can operate with no noise whatsoever. Air conditioning air ducting with insulation is used in these fans to reduce irritating noise that comes from operation. This is why they can be installed in any room, even when the family is asleep. You can even operate these fans in bedrooms with the door closed which is a never seen before benefit in traditional house fans.  Normal fans are much louder during operation as they are mounted on wood framing in the attic and flush to the ceiling. This places the motor directly above your living spaces which in turn causes noise.

Another feature of quiet cool fans is that they can be controlled individually. Multiple fans with double or triple switches can be wired to a wall timer. This unique flexibility of operation enables you to control the amount of air flow that moves through your house. You can turn on or turn off the fan when the home’s temperature has reached an ideal comfort level. To increase the movement of large volumes of air, you can turn on all the fans to cool the whole house in an instant.

The good news for your wallet and the environment is that quiet cool fans are more energy efficient than AC systems. They are also simple to install and maintenance free. They do not have plastic fan blades, specialized framing, motorized doors, custom carpentry requirements or belts to replace. They are 100% made in the USA and come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty period.

Besides the benefits of saving on cooling costs, they quiet cools fans provide excellent whole house ventilation. To sum it up, they provide a pleasant and healthy living environment with the added advantage of saving energy and money. By adding this new product to your home, you can save upto 90% in your electricity bills and double up your savings every year. You can also throw in some energy saving rebates and make the quiet cool whole house fan system a worthy and smart investment.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Sunlight Affects Productivity?

Due to the rise of the digital age, our lifestyles have become more sheltered, cloistered and sedentary over the past few decades. As human beings, we spend a majority of our time indoors and most of the adult workforce spends a significant amount of time interfacing with computers and digital items.  All of us possess the ability to adapt to any changes in the environment, however this extreme shift in the way we live, work and function everyday has placed an enormous amount of strain in our bodies and minds.  We always crave change and favor an environment which sharpens our mental perception and physical capacity. The present static setting in our homes, offices and other commercial establishments may be a stumbling block to this change we so desperately need. We strive to control our immediate surroundings, seek out a territory to call our own and finally relish contact with the outside world even if there is just a glimpse of it through a simple window pane.

As more time is spent indoors confined to small living spaces and minimal exposure to the outside world, it greatly impacts our sense of well being, satisfaction and productivity levels. How long can we be stuck in an artificial setting which only intensifies the negative effects in us? This is when we should pay attention to the way our buildings are designed? Our schools, hospitals, offices and malls have placed too little emphasis on functional efficiency rather than concentrating on basic human needs. Due to this, there has been a steady increase in work-related illnesses like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, repetitive stress injuries, etc.

Back in the old days, there was a design trend that emerged which prevented office building and schools from having too many windows. This was done to prevent eyestrain, minimize distractions and increase efficiency of heating and cooling indoors. New research indicates that the most conclusive and powerful finding which has emerged in building design is the importance of installing windows to let in natural sunlight.  The old adage has now been completely reversed and sunlight has now proved to play a significant role in promoting pleasant view of the outdoors, reduce illness, improve psychological well being, increase mental alertness and improve productivity at work.

Biologists and Scientists theorize that regular contact with sunlight regulates mental and physical function brought about through the body’s natural responses to the rhythms of light. Sunlight also aids in the production of Vitamin D in the human body which is extremely important for cell growth regulation and promoting strong muscle and nerve functioning. Vitamin D is also vital for the body’s tissue and bones to absorb calcium. Exposure to sunlight is important for young children and older adults as it aids in proper growth for the former and helps the eyes to see better for the later as less light reaches the retina when one ages.

Another important facet of sunlight can be found in schools and universities where higher levels of concentration and better short-term memory recall were noticed. Students with higher access to sunlight performed 7-18% higher on standardized tests than those with little or no exposure. They were also found to progress faster on reading tests and math tests over students in classrooms with the least amount of sunlight. Sunlight plays a major role in stimulating a positive visual environment for the learning process.

In nursing homes and hospitals, sunlight helped patients in tremendous ways. Post-operative patients took very few painkillers and recovered more rapidly than those who had least access to sunlight. Health care facilities are stressful environments for both the staff and patients. So it’s important to incorporate sunlight into the design of such establishments to help improve morale, optimize patient outcomes and allow function at peak efficiency.

Sunlight has also proved beneficial in reducing energy consumption and saving on utility costs. When ample sunlight is available, electric lights can be turned off. During the cold months, sunlight can be allowed to enter indoors through windows thus cutting on heating costs.

To sum it up, sunlight has proved time and again in improving physical/mental health, increasing productivity and generating overall well being. Natural elements like simple daylight can rapidly trigger positive emotions and help in reducing stress levels. We humans need to find a way to incorporate more sunlight into daily living through the way our buildings are designed. A thoughtfully designed space with significant access to natural light goes a long way in fostering a sense of community and minimizing environmental impact.